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Here are early maps, both hand-drawn and published that show the settlers and settling of Westfield.

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History of Ancient Westfield by Louis Marinus Dewey 1892-93 (F844z W52dew)
Westfield Massachusetts 1669-1969 The First 300 Years Ed. Edward Janes & Roscoe Scott (F844z W52j)
Westfield and its Historic Influences 1669-1919 The Life of an Early Town by Rev. John Lockwood (F844z W52L)

This 1642 map has great historical interest from the fact that out of its making grew the long…


Map of homes and land around Little River in Westfield, MA


Hand-drawn map of early land sales/ allotments

Survey of the town of Westfield made in November 1794 by James Taylor and Abel Whitney.

Historical Map of Westfield from Westfield's Quarter Millennial Anniversary Official Souvenir 1919.…

Survey and divisions of Westfield 1751, copied by E. A. Fisher on January 13, 1877.

Traced map of 1662 map of Little River area and plots of land.

Copy of Canal Survey Map from 1831 of Westfield, Massachusetts.

Map of Westfield from 1854 with names of homeowners and businesses.

Map of Westfield Massachusetts' West Parish, also known as Mundale, created about 1850.