Home life


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Home life collection gives a glimpse of the day-to-day life of women and men through their diaries and daybooks, and a look at schools and taverns and a few pages from the first library company in town which lists books and patrons.
The diaries of First Church ministers, found in the Minister's Diaries Collection, are also a good source of information on day-to-day life.

One page for a math workbook

Picture taken in front of Westfield High School (when it was held in Town Hall) in 1861 by Thomas P.…

That part of the town of Westfield that is contained within the following lines and limits, that is…

Copy of act to establish an academy in Westfield on June 17,1793, endorsed by John Hancock.

Answer to a bill in equity to William G. Bates, endorsed by Abraham Lincoln on August 24, 1859.

Bar tab from Fowler Tavern c. 1770 - 1772.

Miscellaneous ledger from 1803

Photograph of homestead of General Sackett of Westfield.

List of books in the Westfield Library