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A short tavern ledger listing expenses, patrons and receipts.

Daybook of Frederick Fowler from 1818 to 1840 as a Carter of Goods in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Daybook of Paul Noble (shoemaker) from 1775-1793 in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Daybook of Joseph Sheldon Avery of Westfield between 1824 - 1830, believed to be a blacksmith…

Daybooks of Wyben from 1801 - 1822.


Daybook of Jared Noble concerning the construction of fanning mill in Westfield between 1797 - 1809.…

Daybook of Paul and Jared Noble concerning the sale of apple cider and cider brandy in 1812.


Miscellaneous ledger from 1803

Bar tab from Fowler Tavern c. 1770 - 1772.

Transcribed by Joseph D. Bartlett in the mid-late 1800's, the Datio Ensign Account book contains…